Sree Sankara National Institute of Educational Trust,  was registered in 2003 as a charitable trust by a group of renowned social workers with a vision to promote the welfare of weaker section of the society. The aim of the trust is to establish various educational institutions to impart general and technical knowledge to the younger generations to meet the global need. The trust is committed to provide pharmacy education of high quality and excellence that will produce better professionals who will contribute towards all aspects of pharmacy practice and research.


The aims and objectives of the Trust

a) To provide education to the students in the State of Kerala and adjoining places as may be decided by the trustees and to acquire, develop and provide infrastructural facilities like lands, buildings, recreational facilities including play grounds, equipments, libraries and like for the purpose.

b) To promote the value of education in general in a manner most suited to the Social Cultural Needs

c) To train the youngsters and to equip them to face the new and emerging challenges in frontier and discipline in the global market and to provide scholarships, prices, books, fees and such other financial assistance, to the deserving students of the communities and to help them in their studies and other educational carriers

d) To conduct social welfare programmes for the relief of the poor without the distinction of caste, creed, sex or religion, to establish and create funds to help for the marriages of the orphans and poor girls and to extend medical aids to the poor down trodden, to construct homesteads and to donate them to the deserving poor and backward communities in the state/nation.

e) To provide facilities making the latest advance in Information Technology


g) Starting and maintaining, to organize, establish and manage, one or more Educational Institutions, set up Research Centers and Centers of Excellence for learning, training, and promoting research in professional, non-professional disciplines including all branches of Science and Technology etc.

h) For achieving the above objects to establish Schools, Training Institute, College of Arts and Science, Training College, Law college, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Vetnary, Fisheries, Education, Management, Computer Science, Humanities Arts, Commerce. Social and applied Sciences, Languages, Literature etc and in other newly merging disciplines which are socially relevant.

i) To establish, maintain and develop private Universities, Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories Industries and Research Institution without any motive for profit.

j) To seek and get affiliations, autonomous status, accreditations, ISO certifications etc for various institutions run by the Trust.

k) To give donations to other institutions and service to organizations having similar or other useful objects. .

I) To accept donation, gifts, present” aids, grants in cash or in kind and movable and immovable properties from the public, State or Central Government or any Foreign Individuals Institutions or Governments either as corpus or as cash according to the directions of the donors for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the Trust.

m) To acquire lands and other facilities for the above objects.

n) To construct, acquire, lease, own and operate buildings for the conduct of classes, Laboratories, offices, workshops, hotels, canteen, bookstores, staff quarters, rest houses, lodges etc, for providing facilities to the staffs and students and to secure for them power, water, gas and other utilities.

o) To acquire Capital Assets and to import, export items needed for achieving the above objects, and items including services develop at the institution.

p) To acquire licenses and privileges, and for that purposes to enter into agreements with institutions or individuals or bodies corporate within India and the outside India.

q) To publish books, periodicals, research journals, like using conventional printing, computer printing, laser printing and other reprographic methods

r) To collect tuition fees, advances towards fees other services to receive constitute endowments, grants, scholarships, and to invite deposits on proper issue of documents to evidence such receipts as security and to avail loans from financial institutions / Banks/ etc charging the assets of the Trust.

s) To open and operate bank accounts with scheduled, Non-scheduled, National or International Banks.

t) To manage other educational institutions and to collaborate with educational and research institutes and Universities either within India or abroad.

u) To do all or any such acts which can lawfully be undertaken for the attainment to fall or any of the objects and things which are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the objects.

v) To get approval for the school / Colleges I Educational Institutions as well as for the Trust from organizations / bodies like Central Board of Secondary Education, Government of India, Government of Kerala and other relevant Governmental concerned organizations and agencies, International organizations such as UNO, UNESCO, UNICEF and such other organizations for promoting objectives similar to that of this Trust.

w) To manage or to take-over and manage any organization or Institution which will help in promoting the objectives of the Trust.

x) To make appointments to academic, administrative, technical and other posts as may be necessary and pay the appointees such remuneration and such other benefits and other perks as may be fixed from time to time by the Trustees.

y) To build, purchase or secure or otherwise maintain the land and buildings required for academic, extra curricular, cultural, recreational and residential purposes of the students, teachers and staff and to alter, extent, improve repair and provide and equip them with light, water, drainage, furniture, fittings instruments, apparatus, appliances and other such amenities as may be required.

z)To promote cultural activities and other related programmes.

The  Trust is registered u/s 12 A of the Income Tax Act 1961 wide letter no. C.No.301/ADIT(E) / 63/05-06  dt. 12-06-2006 and have an SB Account No. 67005126205 in the State Bank of Travancore, Neyyattinkara Branch